Iris and the Songbird

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Elizabeth Sullivan, Jyotish, Vedic Astrology

What is Jyotish? Jyotish, also called Vedic Astrology,  is the astrology of India with its origins in the Vedas, the ancient scriptures of India. 

The Vedas were cognized by the rishis (great sages) of India and are the repository of all knowledge. Jyotis, which translates as “light is the eye of the Vedas”. It illumines, or brings to lightVedic knowledge and provides the vehicle by which this supreme wisdom can be applied to the life of each individual and to the world at large. Although ancient, this system of knowledge is as applicable to the affairs of men today as it was thousands of years ago when it was cognized by the rishis of India.

Vijayalaxmi Shinde, B.N.S.

Vijayalaxmi is a scholar of ancient Indian science of HASTA-SAMUDRIC SHASTRA (palmistry) & numerology. She guides clients on relationships, career, health, happiness, & many aspects of life.

Gregory S. Velzy, B.A./ I.S.A.R./ N.G.C.R.

Using Astrology as a road map to a Person’s Spiritual/Psychological Dynamics I help people discover their Path and Purpose in this life.  In addition, using Spiritual techniques to heal inner wounds, resolve past and present issues and/or obstacles. General Counseling for Relationships( Personal, Family, and Group), Career Choices. Other Practices available for use; Numerology, Tarot & Cardomancy.

Richard Smoot, AstroDataBank and the Astrology Software Shop

Richard Smoot is the Owner and President of AstroDataBank and the AstrologySoftwareShop two of the internet’s most popular astrology websites. He began serious study and practice in astrology in 1971 studying under Ray Merriman and he currently holds a staff position as Editor and Publisher of the ISAR International Astrologer and has an active astrological consulting practice.

Richard’s service to the astrological community includes being the Chairperson the Consulting Skills Program with the International Society for Astrological Research; Board Member with the Organization for Professional Astrology) and serves on the Board of Examiners with the National Counsel for Geocosmic Research.

Bon Rose Fine, The Cosmic Computer

If you’d like to see what your natal chart or horoscope (Greek – HORO means “the hour” and SCOPE means “to view”) looks like I can calculate one for you and send samples and information about the chart interpretation reports I prepare if you’ll just cover my nominal postage and handling.

Greg Cone – Celestial Reflections, Member of NCGR, ISAR

Teaching the art of astrology Students can choose either one-on-one tutoring or participation in group discussions. The focus will be on increasing self-awareness and understanding interactions with others. Fees are on a sliding scale and based on what the student can affor