Iris and the Songbird

Iris and the Songbird are archetypal messengers who bring healing messages of Love from the Stars to Earth. Cori channels these messages and offers sessions designed to Empower the individual. Each session is entirely unique and includes a synthesis of astrology, human design and gene keys + intuitive guidance.

Kelly Goodell LLC

Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution Physical Medium Astrologer Energy Mapping Strategies

Vibology – Elevate Yourself!

Carrying spiritual items, home decor, jewelry, candles, gifts, divination items, teas, herbs and MORE! Stop in and check us out. Offering Classes & Workshops, Psychic Readings – Tarot Card Readings, Clairvoyant Mediums, Psychometry, Oracle Card Readings, Crystal Readings and Healing Sessions

Priestess Numerologist

A numerology reading consists of calculating 5 different numbers based on your date of birth. These 5 numbers sit in 5 different positions within a chart. Two of these positions are strengths, 2 are challenges, and one is your life path. Each number carries with…