Alice Mixer Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression Hypnosis (QHHT, Dolores Cannon method) and Life Between Lives Hypnosis (Michael Newton method). Quantum Healing Hypnosis was created, developed, and refined  by Dolores Cannon over her 45 year career as a regressive hypnotherapist working with thousands of clients in countries all over…

Holistic Singing

Holistic Vocal Training enables you to sing your best while developing greater self-awareness, technical expertise, creativity, and confidence. So when training holistically, not only do we strengthen the voice and learn solid technique, we also strive to bring the mind, emotions, body, and spirit to…

Healing Heart Sacred Sounds

  Healing Heart Sacred Sounds is a unique inner journey experience that is facilitated and guided by a variety of sounds with assorted frequencies and vibrations. During a sound journey, Victoria Schon introduces the beautiful and celestial sounds of crystal singing bowls, accompanied by Tibetan…

Creative Spirit Studios

Tonya Henderson is a Spiritual Visionary Artist specializing in the creation of Personal Energy Portraits which are a Reading on canvas. She works in acrylics, mixed media, watercolor, and colored pencils.

Wellspring Writing Workshops

Through Wellspring, Julie leads writing workshops designed to help the writer bypass her/his inner critic; go directly to images, feelings and memories; and tap into the healing power of writing.

Herbs Etc

Herbs Etc is a wellness center that provides services and products that will empower the consumer to take charge of their own health and well-being.  Products include herbs, vitamins, minerals, teas, EMF protection, oils, natural personal care items, a large selection of homeopathic remedies and…

SWEET! Vegan, Toxin-Free Deodorant That Really Works!

SWEET! deodorants are vegan, with only 5 toxin-free ingredients and are made one at a time here in Michigan. Available in shea butter or cocoa butter, SWEET! deodorants really work. SWEET! deodorants are for all ages.