Four Paws Veterinary Wellness

Four Paws is an integrative veterinary house-call practice.   We provide holistic services including Chinese herbal therapy, Ozone therapy, acupuncture, glandular therapy, food therapy and more.   Dr. Turenne has particular expertise with elder pet care. She is Certified in Thanatology and is also one of only…

Spiritual Evolution of the Animal Kingdom, Betsy Adams

Our feelings, especially about the self, profoundly affect the health of our animals as well as our own health –  physically, emotionally, mentally and Spiritually.  When we Heal these feelings by Feeling the Love We Already Are, tremendous, life-changing events occur.  Our animals’ health is dramatically improved, as is our own.  And our Spiritual Evolution is dramatically improved, as is our animals’ Spiritual Evolution.  We are tremendously powerful creators of our own reality, and by turning to Feeling the Love We Already Are, we can help create Health for our animals, for ourselves, for Earth and this Universe we all live in together.  Ultimately, Surrendering to the Love We Are is the most Healing of all, and the most Healing for our Animals, for All Life Everywhere.