Rich Lipscomb, healer

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I am a channel of light & love radiating the compassion of a divine expanded heart. This allows me to take love to a new heightened awareness of consciousness. I am an instrument to help you remember who you are and to hold the space of a miracle to happen with your own wellbeing. I work with the Creator's Energies & the Beings of Light. Love, and Truth.

I work with my Masters, Guides, Teachers, Elements, Directions, the Stone Kingdom, the Angelic Realms, the Plant Kingdom, the Faerie Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, and Multi- dimensional Energies. I have traveled the world healing myself, learning and experiencing different healing techniques. I have read many books. I have taken many classes on spirituality and healing techniques. I believe that healing is an art form. So for the last 8 years I have been working to perfect my talents, abilities, and gifts. I am blessed to have the abilities to hear, see, feel, and the knowing of energy. The best gift I have found through everything I have experienced is that I have discovered Source Energy within myself and with this Knowingness there are infinite possibilities for your wellbeing.

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