Record Keyper™ Akashic Record Reading & Clearing

RECORD KEYPER™ by Killian Elhaz, an intuitive Soul-level healing modality that utilizes the Akashic Records to help you understand the Divine nature of your Soul, the negative karmic patterns you've created for yourself over different lifetimes, and to teach you how to implement your Divine Self-Expression into your human experience to create unlimited abundnace. By providing clients with the right tools, raising their consciousness and karmic awareness, RECORD KEYPER™ has helped clients unleash their Divine creative potential, paving the way towards personal, professional, and spiritual success.

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Record Keyper™ is an intuitive Soul-level healing modality utilizing the Soul Realignment® method of Akashic Record reading & clearing. I (Killian Elhaz) assist my clients in learning about who they are at Soul-level, what their Divine Gifts are, and dive into the Soul Stories of their past lives to reveal the negative karmic patterns they've created and perpetuated into this lifetime. Clients receive a comprehensive Akashic Record reading as well as clearing homework to facilitate the clearing of their Divine Soul Blueprint for an energetic head start in their transformative journey. I also offer property readings and clearings/realignments to aid in the shifting of clients' vibrations through this work, as sometimes our houses can energetically "push back" on us when we're trying to heal and shift because they're generally more vibrationally congruent to who we were, instead of who we are becoming.