I am an art therapist, a trauma sensitive yoga facilitator, and a mindfulness practitioner. For the past 30 years, I have practiced art therapy intermittently, working with people of all ages, across a broad spectrum of society and in many settings, including psychiatric hospitals, outpatient programs, community centers, non-profits organizations, and schools. As a practitioner, I'm deeply interested in exploring the intersectionality of traumatic experiences to better understand the impact trauma has on my clients. Trauma can prevent us from fully engaging in our lives, regardless of our desire and motivation to do so. Evidence from neuroscience suggests that implicit memories of trauma may bypass our cognitive awareness but remain in our bodies, including our nervous system, possibly distorting our recall or literally making memories of events beyond words. These implicit memories might instead show up in many ways including anxiety, depression, reactivity, challenges with relationships, health issues or chronic pain.
I support people in having their own present-moment embodied experiences through facilitating movement and creative expression in a safe environment. No yoga experience or art skills are necessary. Movement and art making can support the development of felt awareness and responses based in the here and now, rather than repeating reactive patterns created in the past. Discovering present moment awareness and embodied experiences offers opportunities for healing and living more fully in the future.

The healing process is often complicated, is sometimes intimidating, and may be overwhelming. If you’re curious about whether this practice might be right for you or you would simply like to learn more about it, I invite you to contact me.

Movement and Art Therapy for Teens and Adults

I am a registered art therapist with the American Art Therapy Association. I received my Masters of Art in Art Therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and have practiced art therapy intermittently for over 30 years in many settings including mental health clinics, hospitals, schools, rehab, and teen and community centers.