Iris and the Songbird

Sessions are unique to the individual and include:

Astrological Chart Interpretations (natal, synastry, solar return/event, progressed, astrocartography)

Human Design Chart Interpretation

Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile Session

Intuitive Guidance and Empowerment Session*

Intuitive Parenting Session*

Group and Business Consultations*

*These sessions utilize my energetic gifts and a variety of modalities including, but not limited to or bound by: Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, Meditation, Energetic Alignment, Shamanic journeying, Tarot & Yogic Philosophy.

Astrology | Human Design | Gene Keys

This space is dedicated to Empowerment. It has been created to facilitate the remembrance of one’s true nature and support individuals in shining their light out into the world. As ancient wisdom reminds us, in knowing ourselves, we recognize our interconnectedness with all life.