Healing with Hannah

I help individuals and families overcome mood disorders, anxiety disorders – including PTSD, OCD and body-focused repetitive behaviors (e.g. trichotillomania), psychosis, body image concerns, perinatal challenges, dual diagnosis, and substance use disorders. My mission is to help clients learn to love themselves. I am devoted to engaging patients and their families with psycho education about mental illness, grief, trauma and the appropriate interventions to reduce their suffering. I am also passionate about complementary medicine. I enjoy sharing mindfulness practices and helping clients connect to their intuitive wisdom. 


In addition to psychotherapy, I also offer private healing sessions. These sessions are tailored to the client’s needs, often including a mixture of dialogue and energy work, closing with a personalized guided meditation. Clients learn to sense their own energy body and inner guidance.


I regularly work with clients seeking to connect or reconnect to a Higher Power.

My job is to facilitate my client’s connection to their highest Self and a Higher Power. That Higher Power can be called God, Goddess, The Great Spirit, The Universe, The Divine, The Creator, nature, etc. For some, this belief system includes connecting to Spirit Guides, Angels, Masters of Light, Animal Guides, and/or Ancestral Guides. I do not promote a single belief system, but rather encourage my clients to discover or reconnect with their own conceptions of a loving Higher Power.


I am a psychotherapist, mindfulness teacher, yoga instructor, energy worker, and Reiki practitioner.