A Transformation Station LLC - Gail Castle LMT, BCTMB

You are invited to "healthfully experience change" toward wellness.

- Experience immediate and long-term changes in your body or condition.
- Put the fun back into functioning.
- Be supported in that amazing healing process at your best pace.

Online scheduling is available through the website.  By appointment only.
Retreatment plans can be co-created and personalized through the use of discussion, evaluation within our scope of practice and neuromuscular feedback testing.
For the health professional and those in need.
Fees are reasonable considering the quality of the services, the environment and the knowledge/experience of the service providers (Gail Castle and guest healthcare professionals).


Bodywork Services:  Sessions - Lessons - Events
with its combination of "hands-on" manual, movement and psychological therapies

- holistic approach
- therapeutic and educational
- transform pain, disease and related dysfunctions
- give bodywork a fair trial for your health-related concerns
- participating in that "amazing healing process" is key