Astrologically Speaking

Astrologically Speaking: Pluto Returns to the USA

By Catherine Carlson

Everything that has a beginning has an astrology chart: people, animals, relationships, businesses, and even countries. The birth of the United States of America took place with the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. At that moment, in the heavens, Pluto was nearing the end of its slow transit in the sign of Capricorn. On February 19th of this year Pluto made the anticipated return to that exact same place for the very first time for the United States birth chart. Pluto’s orbit takes about 250 years, which means a person will never be able to experience their Pluto return, but a country can. This creates a unique moment in time to witness the United States from within or without and see firsthand what a Pluto return looks and feels like.  

We astrologers still consider Pluto a planet. Its size may be small, relatively speaking, but it brings great impact. Known as God of the underworld in Greek mythology, Pluto represents power, death, rebirth, depths that are unseen, and the ability to transmute and transform, or even complete a metamorphosis. Pluto can reveal what no longer serves or has been hidden beneath the surface, knowingly or not. The United States of America was formed during a struggle for freedom. The Revolutionary War grew out of tension and dissatisfaction that had been building—very similar to what we are experiencing now. The collapse of the old regime precipitated the birth of a new country with laws and leadership that reflected the people having more power and authority. Pluto returning to this place in its orbit suggests that change is inevitable. 

We can understand what may happen when Pluto returns by looking at countries that began long before ours did and have already experienced more than one Pluto return. In England, Queen Mary, a Roman Catholic, led the persecution of Protestants during the time of that country’s second Pluto return in 1555-57. The following year her half-sister Elizabeth succeeded her on the throne initiating the Elizabethan period in England’s history—considered to be a renaissance and “golden age.” Russia saw the end of Stalin’s rule when he died of a stroke during their most recent Pluto return in 1953. Lastly, at the time of Sweden’s Pluto return in 2015-16, the country permitted over 160,000 refugees to enter, during the European Migrant Crisis. In these few examples we can get a sense of the intensity of the time period surrounding a Pluto return and the impact these developments had on each country. 

Comparing Pluto’s past with the present we can see the parallels. This time in the U.S. is similar to the 1770’s—complete with discord and division along with powerful events that have already begun to unfold. This is like the chrysalis stage of metamorphosis, a long period of interior change and struggle that requires a great deal of energy. The outcome is unknown, we can only speculate. With Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, earthly matters such as our economy, institutions, and the way we live in general, are areas that will continue to be highlighted. This position of Pluto tells us our country has always placed a high value on status and social power. Right now, we are being pushed as a collective to evolve by cultivating a sense of internal security and satisfaction that is not attached to the need for achievement or image.

Pluto re-visiting is like going into the back of your closet, shining a light, and seeing something long hidden in the shadows or looking around and noticing what used to fit but you have outgrown. Now that you see what you couldn’t see before, what does that change? What would you like to experience that looks and feels better than what you have had? Pluto doesn’t mince words and it doesn’t wait until we’ve decided we are ready because it has a higher purpose—to get us to the next phase. Pluto knows that the end result of the metamorphosis is a butterfly. It’s the same entity completely transformed. The experience our country is going through can be seen as an initiation into a new way of being.

We are living at a pivotal time in history and right now we have front row seats and back stage passes to the show. Whatever happens in the US affects the rest of the world so the dynamic ripples of the Plutonic waves throughout our country will most definitely have an impact globally. We will feel Pluto’s energy throughout this year most significantly and on through 2024. With Pluto directing the production it’s not an easy time but there is hope if we can trust the process. Many great things took place following July 4, 1776, and I believe many great things are yet to come for us.

Author: Jessica Thompson